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DBio Seminars

WEDNESDAYS :: 12h :: Mica auditorium



   11 de dezembro

» Rosana Alves - "Role of carboxylate transportes in Candida pathogenesis"

   27 de novembro

» Cayetano Gutiérrez - "Ronaldo and Messi explain why biodiversity matters"

   20 de novembro

» Bruno Bellisario - "Surviving the big Data Era in scology: a network approach"

   6 de novembro

» Rebeca Arias del Real - "Are all intermitente streams the same?"
Multiple hydrological componentes shape taxonomic and functional diversity facets of invertebrates communities.

   16 de outubro

» Diego Flores (CBMA) - "How to fish with a cat"

   20 de março

» Filipa Mendes (CBMA) - "Carbon source affects the sensitivity to the anti-cancer agente cisplatin"

   27 de fevereiro

» Cláudia Santos (CBMA) - "Land cover and climate change impacts on the provision of hidrological ecosystem services"

   20 de fevereiro

» Francisca Reis (BioIsi) - "Stressed cork oak: does company matter?"

   6 de fevereiro

» Humberto Pereira (CBMA) - "Metabolic engineering of acetyl-CoA Carboxylase in Saccharomyces cerevisia"

   23 de janeiro

» Pedro Vieira (CBMA) - "Thehidden secret of Macaronesia islands: how small crustaceans can answer big questions”

   16 de janeiro

» Carlos Moura (CBMA) - “Crossing the seas: marine research on biodiversity, phylogeography and evolution of cnidarians”

   9 de janeiro

» Filipe Costa (CBMA) - “DNA Barcode and the genus Laeonereis (Polychaeta: Nereididae): a new approach for a past impasse”


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