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"Science in Squares" - Exhibition in Science Festival 2014
quarta-feira, 18-06-2014
CienciaScience Festival 2014 (Festa da Ciência 2014) is a project of School of Sciences – Minho University which aimed to communicate science, mainly to high school grade students, that took place between Monday 12/05/2014 and Wednesday 05/14/2014 and where "STOL - Science Through Our Lives" was present with several activities.
  "Science in Squares" - Exhibition in Science Festival 2014

"Science in Squares" is an exhibition consisting of: (i) a selection of 6 cartoons executed by groups of students from different degree courses and (ii) a gallery of 6 cartoons called "Microorganisms in Squares" created by Daniel Ribeiro in the scope of his project in  Applied Biology. The aim of this project is to touch concepts of science, particularly in the area of Microbiology (area subject to many "pre"-misleading concepts and ideas) in a humorous, appealing, visual and simultaneously rigorous way. Our purpose is to assess the impact and appropriateness of these visual strategy for science communication focused to diverse age and levels of education groups, in order to proceed with the project as efficiently as possible. Alexandra Noble is the investigator responsible for the project.

(See more info and program here http://goo.gl/guW0oy)

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