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Biopolymers based on renewable resouces: from synthesis to applications
Departamento de Biologia, Campus de Gualtar, Braga entre segunda-feira, 06-06-2011 e sexta-feira, 17-06-2011
The course, organised in the scope of the EcoPlast project, aims at presenting cutting edge developments in new biomass-based composites; from design, to production and application. The course will address the most innovative biopolymer treatments, including fibre reinforcement and the addition of novel fillers and nanofillers. A new generation of bio-based composites and their most advanced applications will be presented.
  Biopolymers based on renewable resouces: from synthesis to applications


  1. Biochemical and molecular basis of renewable polymers
  2. Novel reinforcements, nanofillers and additives
  3. Biology?s Engineering Principles from Design and Function of Elastic-contractile Model Proteins and Materials
  4. Medical and Non-medical Applications of Biopolymers Applications
  5. Genetic tools for the overproduction of proteins and improvement of biotechnological processes
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   Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Registration Deadline: June 1st
Registration fee: 100¤ (Classes) 

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